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Why choose the OKI Executive Series MFP’s and Printers?

“Having spent 30 years in the office equipment (photocopier) maintenance and servicing, in all those years I have been asked to maintain some very dubious products. So when it came to choose which products we would sell in our own business, I chose products that offer good value for money, consistent copy quality, and reliability.

We originally came across OKI products when they produced a machine in collaboration with Muratec an existing supplier. It quickly became apparent that the OKI print engine performed better then the other manufacturers equipment we were supplying.

We have now sold OKI products for the last seven years and I think they offer the best value for money currently available.

In summary OKI’s LED Technology benefits:

  • More compact size .
  • Smaller dot sizes gives sharper crisper text and graphics
  • More accurate light sourcing gives better quality imaging
  • Processes print jobs faster giving higher print speed at higher resolutions
  • Solid state technology, gives incredible robustness and reliability

On a lazer based product you need a straight line of sight to focus the image from the laser to the photo-conductor, this is achieved by a series of lenses and several mirrors, because the laser mirror rotates at around 30,000 rpm this needs to be kept cool with a constant air flow. Due to the high amounts of static electricity produced during the printing process, the machine attracts any air born dust to its internals, this needs to be cleaned and removed by a qualified engineer as it can take several hours to strip and clean the optical section on regular service visits.

The OKI led system uses solid state led array to write the image to the photo-conductor (no moving parts) the led array does not need to be focused so can be suspended directly above the photo-conductor surface this also means the machine is a lot more compact.

See opposite the complete Digital LED array in a OKI desktop printer with its top cover open. Notice the black bar on the top lid. That is the LED light source that replaces the laser in a regular laser printer. A colour lazer print needs 4 lazer unit for each colour, the OKI colour system can be seen in the printer below.

OKI scientists examined the two types of light sources carefully and conclusively decided that, the Digital LED light source was far superior. It consists of an array of thousands of individual digital LED light sources spanning the width of the image drum, shining through focusing lenses directly down onto the drum surface. The three photos below show print sample produced on two laser printers and an OKI led system, the samples show text printed at 2 point text 0.7mm tall.

Laser heads can produce dot sizes of 60μm whereas Oki Digital LED technology can produce dots as small as 34μm.

The LED light source has no moving parts and therefore is ultimately more reliable. In fact OKI is so confident of the reliability of the source, they guarantee it for 5 full years! The Digital LED light source allows higher print speeds at higher resolutions than traditional laser light sources.

The LED array does get dirty in the OKI printers, but it can be maintained by the user. A lint free cloth is supplied with a new toner cartridge and the user simply wipes the LED array with the dry cloth when changing the toners.

This also leads to the product being a lot more compact than other manufacturers equipment.

Due to the LED process OKI are not constricted by having clear lines of sight for Lazers to write to the drum. They can therefore attach the the toner cartridge directly to the top of the drum unit and employ a gravity feed system (other manufacturers are using air pumps to blow toner to the drum unit, horrendously unreliable). It also makes toner replacement a lot simpler (direct access through the top lid).

If this technology is so wonderful why are n’t more manufacturers employing it, they can’t the technology has been patented by OKI they have several collaborations with major manufacturers who employ the technology under licence or just brand the OKI products.”

Stefan Boczek

Digital Office Solutions

OKI can attach the the toner cartridge directly to the top of the drum unit and employ a gravity feed system due to LED technology.

Pictures below show enlarged print samples printed at 2 point (0.7 mm tall)

Pictures below show enlarged print samples printed at 2 point (0.7 mm tall)

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